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Prevent strokes based on heathy meals and exercise

Prevent strokes based on heathy meals and exercise

Doctor Kayode Sotonwa believes that it is essential for individuals to stay informed about their health and take the time to make sure that they are doing the best things for themselves and their families by taking preventative measure to avoid falling victim to conditions like stroke. For that reason, Doctor Kayode Sotonwa would like to share some essential information on what can lead to and increase the chances of stroke and how individuals can take steps to minimize their risks of stroke.

There are many conditions that can lead to stroke and some of these cannot be easily changed says Doctor Kayode Sotonwa. There are, for example, many genetic conditions that may leave an individual more susceptible to stroke. One such conditions is being born with a brain aneurysm. Fortunately some of these conditions, such as high blood pressure, can be best controlled and monitored with the help of doctor and this will help reduce the risks that lead to a stroke. Other uncontrollable factors that may add to an individual’s chances of having a stroke include things like your age as those above 55 are more likely to fall victim to a stroke.

There are however, other secondary factors that may lead to that are up to an individual to monitor and control. Being obese, eating a lot of salt or cholesterol, taking drugs, and smoking can all lead to an increased risk of having a stroke.  Doctor Kayode Sotonwa says that for individuals to avoid the increased risk of stroke caused by these conditions they should be sure to eat a well-balanced diet and exercise to maintain their weight. They can get help form their doctor or nutritionist to help them maintain a healthy weight and can also take steps like cutting out soda. They should also make sure that they don’t smoke or take drugs, and that they are careful with their prescribed medications as well.

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