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eating healthy during holidays season

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa suggests to eat healthy during Holidays

One of the most important things an individual can do is take steps in their life to help keep themselves healthy. Dr. Kayode Sotonwa strives to provide insight and information that will help people all across the globe, especially during the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas and other celebrations are known to be times when families get together, enjoy delicious meals, sweet treats and other traditions during this season. This can be an easy time to overdo these indulgences and deal with the side effects like gaining weight, feeling sluggish or sick, bloating or more.

That’s why coming up with a holiday season plan and sticking to it is a great recommendation for those hoping to stick to a certain diet during the holiday season. There are always a lot of temptations, especially for those who are trying to control calories that can make it much more difficult to stick with food goals. But that’s why allowing yourself some small indulgences is smart—some might look at it as they don’t want anything sweet or fattening to touch their lips, but those are the ones who usually crack first.  Allowing oneself one small treat or allowance is a much safer bet.

For those out there who do decide to imbibe during the holiday season, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa shares that if you do decide to drink, it is important to do so in moderation. Alcohol is a sneaky thing, since many don’t realize just how many calories they are consuming. For those who don’t already know, this usually equates to one drink a day for the ladies, and one to two for men (depending on body weight).

Before attending any family gathering or social events, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa shares that partygoers who plan ahead in terms of what they hope to indulge in are much more successful in terms of sticking to diets or meal plans. Avoid completely cutting yourself off from everything that might only lead to overindulgence later, but set limits about food, sweets, and even the type of alcohol to drink and just how much you are allowing yourself to have will avoid any issues later on.

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