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In his 25 year long career, Doctor Kayode Sotonwa has been given a number of extraordinary opportunities to learn, research, and leave his mark on the world of medicine. For years he has explored the world of medicine through travel, by spending time in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the West Indies, and the United States as a student, a practicing internal medicine physician, and even a teacher. He has spent years dedicated to maintaining quality in medical research through programs with Bay Pines VAMC and has himself studied the cultural impacts of medicine internationally. Additionally, Doctor Kayode Sotonwa has been able to shape new medical minds through his career as a lecturer and a teacher for students entering several medical careers, including pharmaceuticals, throughout the different stages of their education.

The rich history and varied experience that Doctor Kayode Sotonwa has been able to gain through these many different avenues has led him down the path to a very successful career. Currently, he is working as the Acting Chief of Staff at his hospital, a role that he has filled since December of last year. Here, Doctor Sotonwa is in charge of overseeing the daily running of the hospital. This is a role that he prepared for with lots of past experience in similar lead medical roles including the Associate Chief of staff, and a position as an S-Chief of ambulatory and emergency medicine at the Topeka VAMC. Through these experiences, as well as his many experiences across the globe, Doctor Sotonwa has built a legacy for his name and a career that will not be slowing down any time soon. He hopes to continue to share his love of medicine and his commitment to facilitating research and learning to always push the field of medicine further, and even today takes the time out of his busy schedule to stay up to date on all the latest developments and innovations in the medical world.

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