Exploring the Career of Doctor Kayode Sotonwa

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Doctor Kayode Sotonwa

Doctor Kayode Sotonwa

Doctor Kayode Sotonwa has been able to enjoy a very successful career that has given him a variety of opportunities during his 26 years as a medical professional. Doctor Sotonwa began his career in 1989 when he graduated from the College of Medicine at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. In the years that followed he moved to the West Indies, the United Kingdom, and then the United States to grow in his career, continue his studies and his practice, and grow his personal life as well. This long spanning career that brought him throughout the world has allowed his understanding of world medicine and love of research to grow.

In his professional career, Doctor Kayode Sotonwa has worn many hats. Currently he is the Acting Chief of Staff at his hospital where he oversees the day to day activities. However, he has also spent time in a number of other atmospheres as well. Over the years he has had many opportunities to oversee medical research, namely as a member of the Bay Pines VAMC Research and Development Committee where he ensured that the research being conducted was meeting the best possible level of expertise. Here, he also supervised a number of doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to ensure that the medical care being provided was of the highest quality.

Finally, the experiences that Doctor Kayode Sotonwa has had over the years have allowed him to teach and pass on his extensive knowledge and experience to another generation of medical professionals. He has lectured at conferences and also taught a number of students who are completing both undergraduate and graduate work. Through his career as a teacher, he has taught medical students and residents, pharmacy students and residents, and physician assistants as well to help them find their place in the field of medicine. This has been just one of the many rewarding aspects of the long and successful career that Doctor Kayode Sotonwa has enjoyed.

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