Doctor Kayode Sotonwa Highlights Best Fall Health Tips

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Some of the best ways to stay healthy during a common cold and flu season from Doctor Kayode Sotonwa.

best healthy tips for fall season

Stay healthy this fall season with Dr. Sotonwa’s tips

Doctor Kayode Sotonwa is one of the top doctors in his field, offering clients from all over the world sound medical advice they can use in order to be the best version of themselves possible. Although at times it seems like cold and flu season is unavoidable, this is not the case. Although exposure to germs is something people have to deal with all day every day, there are certain ways to protect the body from these airborne illnesses, as well as reduce the amount of time a person is inflicted with them once they caught them as well. These easy tips are something anyone can try, and Doctor Kayode Sotonwa recommends doing so for a happy and healthy fall season.

  1. Get Plenty of Rest: Doctor Kayode Sotonwa knows although it is hard sometimes to turn off a good TV show at night or put down the book with only a chapter or two left, sometimes it makes all the difference between feeling good or being dragged down by feeling sick. During sleep, the body is able to rebuild itself in some ways, something that is vital for any immune system. It’s important during fall and winter especially to get at least 7-8 hours a night.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Water is and always will be one of the body’s most important nutrients. Although it might not seem like it makes much difference in the health department, but sore throats, mucus and coughing can stem from dehydration. Be sure to take in the suggested daily amount based by height and weight, usually somewhere between 60-80 oz a day.
  3. Don’t Skip the Essentials: Doctor Kayode Sotonwa is one of the highly-regarded medical experts in his field, offering patients the true example of medical knowledge and experience. That’s why his advice is so highly regarded in the industry, and he shares that one of the best ways to stay healthy no matter what the season is to eat plenty of vegetables. This super-food offers plenty of nutrients, something that the body is lacking during sickness. Fruit is another helpful snack, since vitamin-C has long been known to ward off colds. Last but not least, if already feeling ill, be sure to grab some extra vitamins in order to boost back up.

Doctor Kayode Sotonwa shares these health tips as the perfect way to feel the best possible this fall.

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