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Dr. Kayode Sotonwa Earns Top Healthcare Management Credential

Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Dr. Kayode Sotonwa, Dr. Sotonwa |

CHICAGO, APRIL 22, 2016 — Dr. Kayode Sotonwa recently became a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the nation’s leading professional society for healthcare leaders.

Dr. Sotonwa

Kayode Sotonwa, MD, MBA, FACP, FACHE

“The healthcare management field plays a vital role in providing high-quality care to the people in our communities, which makes having a standard of excellence promoted by a professional organization critically important,” says Deborah J. Bowen, FACHE, CAE, president and chief executive officer of ACHE. “By becoming an ACHE Fellow and earning the distinction of board certification from ACHE, healthcare leaders demonstrate a commitment to excellence in serving their patients and the community.”

Fellow status represents achievement of the highest standard of professional development. In fact, only 9,100 healthcare executives hold this distinction. To obtain Fellow status, candidates must fulfill multiple requirements, including passing a comprehensive examination, meeting academic and experiential criteria, earning continuing education credits and demonstrating professional/community involvement. Fellows are also committed to ongoing professional development and undergo recertification every three years.

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa is privileged to use the FACHE® credential, which signifies board certification in healthcare management and ACHE Fellow status.

For more information regarding the FACHE credential, please contact the ACHE Division of Member Services at (312) 424-9400, by emailing contact@ache.org, or visit ache.org/FACHE.

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Dr. Kayode Sotonwa Shares Insight on World Health Organization Study Linking Red and Processed Meat to Cancer

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 in Dr. Kayode Sotonwa, Dr. Sotonwa |

the link between red meat and cancer

Dr. Sotonwa talks about recent health study

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa offers his opinions on the recent WHO study results released this fall concerning particular types of meat and their relation to cancer.  This health-conscious physician is known for his hands-on approach to providing care for patients seeking medical solutions.  He welcomes the findings of this study and is hopeful that people seeking to keep cancer at bay will take these results to heart.

The World Health Organization (WHO) released results of a recent study that revealed processed meats may certainly cause cancer and red meat may probably cause cancer.  A person’s chances of contracting cancer from these products would increase with regular intake and decrease with less intake.

Red meat can be considered lamb, pork and beef- basically any type of raw meat that is red in color.  Dr. Kayode Sotonwa advises those who eat diets high in red meats eat these meats in moderation.  So if a patient is used to eating 10 servings of red meat a week, cut the amount in half.

Processed meat can be defined as any type of meat that is not fresh due to preserving, curing or smoking in efforts to enhance the flavor.  These products may include pepperoni, bacon, ham, hot dogs and sausage.  Dr. Kayode Sotonwa notes that these types of meats have found their way into the diets of many Americans and should be eaten only in moderation if not avoided altogether.

Another proponent that can increase the risk of cancer in these food products can be the method of cooking.  Barbecuing and grilling cook the meat at very high temperatures and may therefore produce harmful chemicals within the meat itself.

While red and processed meats have a direct link to cancer, there have been no similar connections between chicken, turkey and fish to the disease.  Dr. Kayode Sotonwa offers a suggestion to those not wanting to give up meat; substitute processed and red meats for lean, noncarcinogenic meats.

Heeding the findings discovered through the WHO study can aid those who seek to decrease their risk for cancer.  Dr. Kayode Sotonwa is passionate about health and feels this study can be a good beginning towards wellbeing.

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Dr. Kayode Sotonwa Offers Winter Eating Tips

Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in Dr. Kayode Sotonwa, Dr. Sotonwa |

Internist Dr. Kayode Sotonwa says winter is not a time to gain weight.

winter eating tips

Best winter healthy tips from Dr. Sotonwa

Internist Dr. Kayode Sotonwa offers health suggestions for people who fear wintertime weight gain. His patients typically gain a bit of weight during the fall months and lose a bit during the summer, especially if they live in warm climates.

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa is offering five tips for his patients and anyone else who wants to keep the winter weight off.

He suggests drinking soups that are approximately 125 calories per serving but no more. When people eat soup as the first course of their meal, they tend to consume much less later on. Some studies have shown that soup eaters cut their overall calorie intake by as much as 20 percent compared to those who never consume soup. Dr. Kayode Sotonwa believes that no one has to face weight gain during cold weather months if they eat right.

His second recommendation for smart winter eating is indoor grilling. Too many people just put the grill in the garage for the winter and forget about it. Dr. Kayode Sotonwa says this is a mistake. Rather than eating fried foods during the winter, he suggests indoor grilling. People can prepare low-calorie, low-fat meats and grilled vegetables on an indoor grill.

Thirdly, the doctor says that it is a mistake to ignore produce just because the warm weather is gone. He says people should stock up on greens and whatever local produce is sold in the fall. Continuing to consume fruits and vegetables during the winter is one of Dr. Kayode Sotonwa’s key suggestions for keeping the pounds off when cold months approach.

Fourth, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa suggests that everyone should consume a low-calorie, healthy breakfast to get a smart start on the day. He recommends whole grains and proteins for the early hours. Cereal and nuts, plus raisins and natural peanut butter are much better than sweet snack foods and sugary tarts.

Finally, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa says that people need to hydrate even when the summer heat has vanished. The human body, he says, needs to stay hydrated because indoor heaters sap the human body’s fluids. Even if the water tastes better hot, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa says, or is in the form of green tea, people should still consume about eight 8-ounce glasses per day to stay healthy.

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa is an internist who keeps an eye on nutritional trends and news. He wants people to understand that they need not gain weight each winter, but can stay healthy by eating right and exercising moderately.

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Dr. Kayode Sotonwa Highlights Stress Management Tips for the Holidays

Posted by on Nov 10, 2015 in Dr. Kayode Sotonwa, Dr. Sotonwa, Health |

best stress management tips

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa shares top stress management advice

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa knows that the holiday season is often a very busy time for families all around. Not only are there many things added to the average person’s to-do list during this time of year, but things like traveling, having guests visit and preparing for big events often leaves individuals somewhat stressed out.

This is because adding a lot to a routine can easily overwhelm someone, but it doesn’t have to with some easy preparation techniques. These tips from Dr. Kayode Sotonwa will help all those out there be their most prepared to rock the holiday season without the annoying consequences.

  • Plan Ahead: one of the top thigs that Dr. Kayode Sotonwa shares will help anyone feel less stressed out during the season is planning ahead. Doing whatever possible to prepare in advance for big meals, get-togethers and even Christmas shopping often saves time, money and plenty of stress. Have the attitude that only when left to the last minute will these things become a problem.
  • Have Some “Me” Time: Dr. Kayode Sotonwa knows that everyone should set some time aside each day to do something that helps them relax and unwind. This is important to help avoid a build-up of internal stress. Go shopping, go on a walk around the neighborhood with the kids to check out themed decorations, or perhaps call up an old friend to reconnect over lunch.
  • Enlist Help: Many moms (or dads!) out there take on the stress of planning for the holidays by themselves, but what better time of year to ask for some assistance? Ask a close friend to watch the kids for a night so you can shop for their presents after work one night, or perhaps enlist neighborhood kids for party cleanup after a get together. For asmall price, you can sit back and relax instead of spending the whole day picking up.

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa knows that anyone can make healthy changes easily. Try adding one thing to a routine for a week or so, then continue adding new adjustments. Those who do will see that soon, it just becomes a part of a routine.

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Controlling Consumption during the Holiday Season with Dr. Kayode Sotonwa

Posted by on Nov 3, 2015 in Doctor Kayode Sotonwa, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa, Dr. Sotonwa, Health |

eating healthy during holidays season

Dr. Kayode Sotonwa suggests to eat healthy during Holidays

One of the most important things an individual can do is take steps in their life to help keep themselves healthy. Dr. Kayode Sotonwa strives to provide insight and information that will help people all across the globe, especially during the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas and other celebrations are known to be times when families get together, enjoy delicious meals, sweet treats and other traditions during this season. This can be an easy time to overdo these indulgences and deal with the side effects like gaining weight, feeling sluggish or sick, bloating or more.

That’s why coming up with a holiday season plan and sticking to it is a great recommendation for those hoping to stick to a certain diet during the holiday season. There are always a lot of temptations, especially for those who are trying to control calories that can make it much more difficult to stick with food goals. But that’s why allowing yourself some small indulgences is smart—some might look at it as they don’t want anything sweet or fattening to touch their lips, but those are the ones who usually crack first.  Allowing oneself one small treat or allowance is a much safer bet.

For those out there who do decide to imbibe during the holiday season, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa shares that if you do decide to drink, it is important to do so in moderation. Alcohol is a sneaky thing, since many don’t realize just how many calories they are consuming. For those who don’t already know, this usually equates to one drink a day for the ladies, and one to two for men (depending on body weight).

Before attending any family gathering or social events, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa shares that partygoers who plan ahead in terms of what they hope to indulge in are much more successful in terms of sticking to diets or meal plans. Avoid completely cutting yourself off from everything that might only lead to overindulgence later, but set limits about food, sweets, and even the type of alcohol to drink and just how much you are allowing yourself to have will avoid any issues later on.

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Doctor Kayode Sotonwa Highlights Why Exercise and Eating Right Are So Important for Fall

Posted by on Oct 15, 2015 in Doctor Kayode Sotonwa, Dr. Kayode Sotonwa |

Doctor Kayode Sotonwa shares some of the top ways to get moving while concentrating on healthy food choices this fall.

top reasons to stay in shape during fall

Doctor Kayode Sotonwa shares top reasons to stay in shape during fall

During the fall season, the weather leaves people feeling more tired than usual, especially if they aren’t taking the necessary steps to stay on a healthy meal plan as well as keeping hydrated. That’s why Doctor Kayode Sotonwa shares the following advice about how best to eat healthy and stick to a work-out regimen this season.

One of the most important aspects of staying healthy during the fall season is finding healthy foods to snack on. Avoid calorie rich treats like chips or candy, and instead stock up on delicious choices like fruits, vegetables, nuts or cheese. Fruits and vegetables are often rich in antioxidants as well as water content, great for fighting off illness while also avoiding dehydration. And Doctor Kayode Sotonwa shares nuts and cheese are full of protein which will help people stay full longer in order to avoid overeating.

Doctor Kayode Sotonwa maintains that exercise is an essential component of health, and everyone should be taking measures to get moving on a daily basis if possible. The fall is the perfect season to be active, since there are so many choices of fun activities. For something new, try swimming a few laps in the community pool. Even just 30 minutes of activity can help family members bond as well as get their heart rate up. There are a lot of ways to getting moving while being outdoors during the warm fall months, so take advantage of this and perhaps hike outdoors, try a water aerobics class, or even try rollerblading by the lake.

All those who are considered to be older adults are would benefit more from participating in aerobic exercise rather than overly-aggressive strength training. Walking is, and probably always will be, the most popular form of aerobic exercise, especially among older adults or those new to getting in shape, and is in fact an easy way to start a fitness journey. Even just walking 3 times a week for 30 minutes is a great way to add exercise into any routine, no matter how busy one is, so be sure to set aside time to try this for a work out during the fall.

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